White Ravens

1 Feb

Internationale Jugendbibliothek i München ger varje år (lagom till mässan i Bologna) ut White Ravens, en lista med böcker från hela världen. 2010 års lista innehåller fem böcker från Sverige, och Amor anfaller! är med. Så här står det om boken (se alla böcker här):

”That love can be complicated, eleven-, twenty-three-, sixty-seven-year-olds know, and so does Artur. He is in the fifth grade and smitten. But not only is his object of worship the best friend of his dumb sister Ronja, she is also only in the third grade! What would the others say, if he dated a third grader… Artur is discouraged, but has no choice. Struck by Cupid’s arrow, nothing can help – Tammi is it. The story is told from the perspective of Artur, who wavers between whooping with joy and deathly affliction, and charms through linguistic wit and situation comedy. Love-sick Artur is a wonderful role model for anyone who has ever been in love.”

Tack till Ines för tipset!

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